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The Journey of Survivors


About the Book

The Journey of Survivors sums up the seventy thousand-year journey of India and her people. The book contains not just history, but also interesting legends like how the Asuras were once our god, the legendary kingdom of women in the Himalayas, Alexander’s search for “somras,” the bloody coins of Jesus that made their way into India, and how Genghis Khan helped cool the earth.

It discusses interesting facts like Chanakya’s cunning policies, science in ancient India, the myth of Indians never attacking foreign lands, the Indian Greeks, how Buddhism died in India, how few Indian officials sailed across the Bay of Bengal in search of a king, the woman who defeated Ghori, the mysterious distribution of rotis before the revolt of 1857, the letters of Indian soldiers during the world war, and how the 1975-77 emergency changed Sholay’s ending.

The book poses intriguing questions like: “What is the identity of India?,” “Did temple destruction only happen in medieval India?,” “Was Gandhi a hero?,” and “Will India survive?”

At the end, Subhrashis Adhikari tries to discuss the various issues that India, as a nation, needs to address.